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The Electoral Commission of India has updated the voter advice app and this new feature has now been added. Indian voters can now update their voter ID online and make changes to their voter ID.

This is the first time that the Indian Electoral Commission has launched the Hybrid Voter ID (Hybrid Voter ID) app for voter registration in India.

The BLL hybrid app also allows voters to change their voter ID number, name, date of birth, address, etc.

hybrid blo

In the next window, the app will ask if you want to link your mobile number to EPIC, and then the new option will be visible on your mobile screen and it is EVP (Electoral Verification Program).

Now enter the Epic number of your family member and click the Add Family button as shown in the picture.

If you have made changes to your voting card online via the Hybrid BLO app, click the Change button.

If you haven’t changed the details available on the voter’s card, click the Verify button and the latest option will be visible on your mobile screen.

The voter’s card will appear on your screen and you can edit the details you want to change on the voter’s card.

The voter’s card is linked to your mobile number, and then the new option is clicked and it is linked to EPIC.
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If you are from India, you can download the latest version of the application from this website if you search for it.

The application is available from the Google Play Store, but the most important thing is that you have an Android phone to run the hybrid app for mobile phones.

If you already have it and have downloaded it from the Google Play Store, if it has not been downloaded yet, then you do not need to update it, and voters have already downloaded this application before it needs to be updated.

At the end of the day, you have the chance to participate in the next phase of the Hybrid Blo campaign, the hybrid app for mobile phones.

The main reason for launching this program and the app is to digitize the entire verification and registration process.

If you already know your voter ID number, you must go through the same process, but if you also want to add a family member, you must check everything.

If you already know your voter ID number, as well as your name and address, you must also check. This program allows existing and future voters to change, supplement, modify, and verify their voter rolls without having to register.

The Joint Service Centre (CSC) will charge you 1 Rs for each document You load what you are charged 2 Rs, and 3 Rs for each photo uploaded.

The CAC will charge you for uploading photos, uploading documents, submitting forms 6, etc.
The hybrid BLO app (Apk) is a digitised option for registration, which makes it easy for stand operators to fulfil their task.

The hybrid BLO app (App) and ApK are the digitalization of agency registration, because they make it easier for the stand manager to perform his tasks.
In addition, the username and password will help voters to upload and register their documents, which is essential for voter registration.

This process provides voters with a verified online voter ID, which they can use to authenticate themselves and their family members and correct in the event of errors.

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hybrid blo

In this article I explained step by step how to update your voter ID data with NVSP EPP and add a family member.

If you have any questions about your polling card and your voter ID details, or if you are faced with the possibility of making an online correction to your 2019 voting cards, please contact us.

Here on this page we explain how we do online proofreading for your voter cards and how it works.

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