Top tips must be read before start any of link building campaign -

Top tips must be read before start any of link building campaign

The important Tips must be read before start your link building campaign for your website such as Relevant Link,Deep Link Building,The Anchor Text,Link Building Velocity etc.

The most important top five tips for building quality links to your website as below:

Tip 1: Get Relevant Link
The first thing you must do when you begin your quest to build links to your website is find relevant websites that will link to you.
How I classify a relevant link is this: the page where your link will appear either mentions your keyword or a keyword phase.
As of right now, it does not appear that search engines are using relevancy in their ranking algorithms but, they soon will.

Here are some more reasons to start relevant links building:
1. You may actually receive traffic from those links if they are related to the theme of the website they are on.
2. In the future, these links will be viewed by the search engines as more valuable and will make your web pages appear more relevant for your target search terms.

Tip 2: Deep Link Building

Deep links are links to deeper pages of your site. Most people will aggressively build links only to their homepage … but this is definitely not the most natural looking linking profile.
Instead, I would recommend you split you inbound links between your home page and your deeper pages.

Here is some of benefits.
This will result in your site getting deeply spider which in turn will cause the search engines to find and index more pages faster.
You will also start to notice that your deeper pages will begin to rank better for their target keyword or keyword phase.
I believe if you do this on newly launched sites you can keep yourself out of the “Google sandbox.”

Tip 3: The Anchor Text

many people go out and get 1,000 links all with the exact same anchor text. The problem is that this would not occur naturally.
In order to appear natural you need to ensure you build links using a variety of anchor text.
I would recommend you use your top target keywords as anchor text using some variations with other keyword phrases.
Also, put in some “…” and some “click here” this will ensure your links look natural.
In fact, you should come up with a list of anchor text variations that you can rotate through for each of your website’s pages.
This will ensure your link portfolio looks as natural as possible to the search engines.

Tip 4: Unique IP Addresses

Non Natural Linking from single IP address
Every website is assigned to an IP address. An IP address can also be thought of as the equivalent of a street address or a phone number for a computer or other network device on the Internet.
Just as each street address and phone number uniquely identifies a building or telephone, an IP address can uniquely identify a specific server or a website.
Here is an example IP Address:
A Block: 132
B Block: 356
C Block: 689
D Block: 000

Natural Linking from various IP Addresses
When building your links you want to ensure you get links from a variety of IP sources, this will ensure you have the most natural looking back link portfolio.
This may sound like a simple tip, but getting site wide links from a high PR website is not a good idea for this reason. You may get 1,000’s of links, but they are all from the same IP and will in short order hurt your rankings instead of improve them. This of course is mostly in Google, MSN may still give you some love.

Tip 5: Link Building Velocity

Major search engines pays attention to the speed at which you acquire your links.
This is why it is highly recommended that you build your site links slowly and at a consistent velocityBusiness Management Articles, or speed.
The reason to do this is because a site that is naturally popular will consistently gain new links just from people wanting to share what they have found.
I have personally found that building 15-20 quality links per day is a good number in the beginning.

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